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Dunedin Spa Pools
Answering your questions

Where is your showroom located?

Our showroom is located in the Strathallan Estate (across from Courier Post) at 4 Strathallan Street in Anderson Bay, Dunedin. We are here to offer friendly, knowledgeable & professional advice to help you find the spa that best fits your needs in your price range.

We have a range of in-stock spas as well as the ability to order to your specification direct from the factory.

What brands of spas do you stock?

We are proud to stock the Sapphire Spa range of Australian made premium hydrotherapy quality spas and swim spas at an affordable price.
We also stock the Revive Spa range that has several great options for the more entry level minded.
Please see our Home page ( for more information on both these ranges

What are the warranties for your Sapphire and Revive spas?

Our Sapphire Premium Spa Range is considered to have the best warranties in the industry
10 years on fibreglass structural support
5 years on acrylic surface
5 years on cedar cabinet
3 years on duratek cabinet
3 years on swim spa frames
3 years on jets
3 year no leak guarantee
3 years on equipment
2 years on headrests
2 years on hardcover

Revive Entry level Spa Range 
10 yrs structural
5 yrs acrylic shell (Bio-Lok antibacterial acrylic system. Reinforced with layers of fibreglass for strength
2 yrs equipment
2 yrs jets
1 yr leaks

What do I need to look out for when comparing your spas with the spas from other spa companies?

Running Gear - All of our spas have a minimum 3kw heater and a 3hp pump. Our Sapphire range uses only premium SpaNet for the controller, pumps, jets, heaters.

Insulation - We use a high density, water resistant foam insulation underneath the shell. All our spas inlcude a premium hard cover with an optional upgrade to a blizzard cover available.

Pricing - We buy direct from the factory thus providing premium spas with the most features at the best prices. 

Delivery - Our delivery includes getting your spa into place and a run through on how to operate. Other companies require you to pick up your new spa from a depot and then it is up to you to get it to your home and get it into place. 

Warranties - Our warranties are all inclusive. When comparing, be sure to read their fine print, as with many of them, after the first year of the warranty it will be for the replacement part only and does not include the cost of the labour to install. We we have our own in-house repair agent, so we have total control over the repair thus providing you the best service.

What do I need to look out for when comparing warranties with other spa companies?

Our warranties are all inclusive. When comparing, be sure to read their fine print, as with many of them, after the first year of the warranty it will be for the replacement part only and does not include the cost of the labour to install. Also, just as important, we have our own in-house repair agent, so we have total control over the repair thus providing the best service to you

How come your spas are so reasonably priced compared to others on the market?

We buy directly from the factory and we keep our costs low. Therefore, we can pass the cost savings onto you while at the same time providing superior quality spas. 

How well insulated are your spas?

Our spas are fully insulated and utilise multi-layer insulation that exceeds industry standards, including a high-density insulation on the shell as well as a premium lockable hardcover. All spas include a lockable hard cover and have a minimum thermal resistance (R) value of 2.28 and virtually eliminates evaporation. 

Where are the main areas you provide delivery to?

We service the wider Dunedin, Mosgiel, Milton, Gore and Balclutha areas as well as Central Otago (Queenstown, Wanaka, Cromwell, Clyde) Southland (Invercargill, Winton) and North Otago (Timaru, Oamaru). 

What is included in your delivery and do you provide a handover?

We do more than just drop your spa off in front of your house. Our expert will then help position your new spa where you want it. Our handover includes unpacking the spa, providing the necessary info on how to operate your spa, and rubbish removal. There is also an option to fill and apply chemicals for an additional charge.
All options require labour from purchaser to help position spa. Crane hire if required is available at an additional charge.

What if I need further advice, service, or have any questions about my new spa after it has been delivered?

We pride ourselves on our after sales service. Since we are local, we are there when you have a question or require assistance. We also have our own in-house service person, so we dont have to rely on a third part agent

Do you offer Finance options?

We offer 6 months no interest and no payments through the Gem card. 12 months no interest through Q Card. Both incur a $95 booking fee. Longer term options are available through MTF.

What is the SQR jet system used on your Sapphire Spas?

These advanced jets that are used on all Sapphire spas use the SQR (simple, quick, reliable) system. This patented technology provides a significant benefit over traditional jets and Chinese screw ins. By using these better seals, the jet pressure is increased by 20%.

Aside from the increased jet pressure, what are some of the other advantages of the SQR jet system used on the Sapphire range?
1.    Easier to remove the jets from the spa and easier to turn the jet off at the jet face. The jet can be removed with ease and is less prone to getting stiff.
2.    Eliminating leaks. The grommet can sit on any surface unlike traditional jets that require a perfect seal between the jet and spa surface.  
3.    Cracked or deformed fittings has been eliminated as they were caused from applying torque to the nut to tighten the older style jets, especially if surface was uneven. 

What is the V80 pump on your Sapphire spas and how does it work?

More than a ‘basic’ wave pump, Sapphire’s varidrive80 pump offers touchpad control of 80 personalised jet pressures and three unique sequencing modes. Catering to all levels of massage requirements, the varidrive80 powers this entire lounger to treat from the upper back right down to your feet

What benefits can I expect from a Hydrotherapy massage

Hydrotherapy massage in a spa has three main benefits; the buoyancy alleviates stress on your joints as you’re supported in a weightless state, the warm water dilates blood vessels to improve circulation, and the water jets apply an adjustable pressure to your muscles. These benefits work together to provide you with a complete wellness experience that cannot be achieved with massage alone.

What is Ozone and do you equip your spas with a high quality CD ozone generator?

Ozone is a good means of providing sanitation to spas.  Ozone is a powerful oxidant that helps destroy bacteria, viruses and algae that may be present in the water of your spa. Ozone is many times more powerful than chlorine, therefore very effective at destroying bugs it encounters.
Not all ozone systems are created equal.  We use a high-performance Corona Discharge Ozone Unit combined with an efficient Venturi Injector are keys to this process.  The plumbing method used to incorporate this into the spa is also critical.  Beware of cheap, low grade ozone generators with poor injection systems.  They may cost less but may have little impact on helping keep the spa water fresh, clean and healthy.

What is UV Sanitation (Clearzone), and do you offer it as an optional extra on your spas?

Clearzone features AOP (Advance Oxidation Process) technology to help deliver incredibly crystal-clear spa water with minimal chemical odours or associated eye, skin and respiratory irritation. 
Clearzone helps clarify your spa water by generating a powerful oxidiser that burns up dissolved solids in the water so the filter can catch them, it then quickly converts back to oxygen leaving no chemical residual or off gassing odours. This is further enhanced by Ozone AND UV-C sterilisation to kill 99.95% of all bacteria and virus material that pass through the clearzone Unit. Clearzone also breaks down and removes chloramines which are the by-product of chlorine which causes the skin, eye and respiratory irritation typically associated with chlorine. This process makes the task of managing the quality of your spa water much easier. It leaves you with much clearer water, significantly reduced need for chemical sanitisers, and greatly reduced chemical odours. Clearzone also significantly increases the length of time between the need to change the spa water.

ClearZone does not eliminate the need for responsible water maintenance – some basic water care is still required.

What’s the Difference between Ozone and ClearZone?

Clearzone is a big step up from simple ozone. In simple terms, Clearzone is like ozone on steroids.
Clearzone uses ozone in combination with germicidal UV-C light. The combination of these two technologies creates an oxidising agent many times more powerful than ozone on its
own. This results in much more effective destruction of nasties in the water.  It also greatly
reduces the chlorine by-products that cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation.  It makes the water smell fresh. Very little, if any, chemical smell.  The other benefit of ClearZone is that this process also polishes the water to crystal clear clarity, providing the filter is kept clean and general water balance is maintained.
ClearZone is the ultimate in spa sanitation and the way to go if you are looking for great water quality to enjoy with your family.

Are your spas equipped with saltwater sanitising?

Firstly, salt (chemically known as sodium chloride - NaCl) is broken down into chlorine by passing salted water over an electrical current. So contrary to popular belief, a saltwater swimming pool or spa pool contains chlorine. Some spa manufacturers elect to use salt chlorinators (like swimming pools) as a sanitising system, which can be relatively effective, it is many times less powerful than ozone.   It can also risk corrosion of the spa equipment such as metal heaters and polished stainless-steel finishing on jets and top side controls.

Do you offer a chemical start up kit to get me up and running?

We offer a start-up chemical kit that includes Sanitizer (Chlorine), pH Increase, pH Decrease, Alkalinity Up, Cartridge cleaner and Test strips. Everything you need to get started and for on-going care.   

Do you offer non-chemical options?

We have several options including Spa Magic, Simple Silver, Colloidal Silver as well as Nature2 Spa Sticks. We welcome you to our showroom to discuss which option will best suit your needs. 

What are Variable Heaters

A variable output heater will optimise performance to maximise heating output whilst the spa is in use. When you turn on the jet pump, a variable heater will assess how much power it can use to continue to heat your spa and avoid load shedding shutdown, so your spa stays warm while the jets are in use. A typical plug-in (10 or 15amp) spa heater may experience load shed shutdown however, once you turn on the jet pumps. All Sapphire Spas are equipped with a Variable Heater.

What is the best way to clean the acrylic spa surface?

When it comes to cleaning the spa surface, acrylic is very easy to clean. Generally, stains and dirt won’t adhere to the surface. You can wipe down the surface with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner when servicing your spa at the beginning of spring. 
It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use laundry detergent, abrasives, or alcohol-based products when cleaning your spa as these can be damaging.

What is the ‘bed of bubbles’ that is featured on the Sapphire Spa Range

Also known as Oxygen detox - The negatively charged, oxygen-rich benefits provided by the ‘bed of bubbles’ is an air jet system that relaxes, not only your muscles, but your entire body, nervous system and even your mind. It also promotes healthy circulation, stomach digestion, lung function and can help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins and waste which may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Do I require a pool fence around my outdoor spa?

The new law no longer requires small heated pools (including spa pools) to be fenced.  Safety covers can be the barrier that restricts access to a small heated pool, where the water surface is 5m2 or less. The Building Code will allow a safety cover where the side walls of the pool are at least 760mm high and cannot be climbed. A safety cover must have signage indicating its child safety features and must be able to restrict entry of children under five years of age when closed, withstand a foreseeable load, and be readily returned to the closed position.