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Dunedin Spa Pools
Our quality products have the best value at the best price

Why buy Sapphire Spas?


Australian made

Locally designed and built in our quality controlled - state of the art manufacturing facility in Melbourne. Built tough for New Zealand conditions and every spa is built to the highest Australian standards.

Rock solid warranty

We have a great product and we stand behind it with one of the longest warranties on the market. Three years on equipment, jets, and leaks. While Sapphire spas has a 3-year warranty on their pumps, all others only have two. It is also worth noting that ours is full coverage, not just parts only or pro rata.


We use the highest quality insulation to reduce heat loss. Our spas are a fully sealed unit with a high density, water resistant foam insulation underneath the shell, industrial grade foil insulation lining the cabinet, air foil along the base and a premium grade hardcover on top with a full heat seal.

Energy efficient

We build our spas to have the lowest running costs possible. This is done as follows:

  1. Smart controllers that allows you to set your peak & off peak periods.
  2. Run the filtration when the heater is running instead of turning the pump on twice for the two separate operations.
  3. Use the highest quality insulation to reduce heat loss.
  4. Fully integrated heat pump options that are controlled from the touchpad (again with a 3-year warranty.
  5. The optional V80 variable speed pump that allows you to choose your speed instead of an on/off reducing the amount of energy needed to run the pump.
  6. The optional Clearzone sanitisation (UV Bulb) that will reduce your yearly chemical costs.

SQR jets

Simple, quick, reliable. Better seals to provide increased jet pressure and drastically reduce the chance of getting a leak. A 20% increase in pressure is achieved through a more effective venturi. SQR Jets = better water pressure from the same 3HP pump.

SpaNet Premium Smartflo pumps:

  1. The high efficiency Smartflo wet end technology generates increased water flow without consuming additional power
  2. Mechanical carbon/ceramic seals with viton elastimors provides greater heat and chemical resistance and a longer life span.
  3. This innovative Smartflo pump range has been specifically engineered to create optimal flow rates at the back pressures found on Sapphire's highly SQR jetted spa pools.
  4. The preferred pump choice for premium spa manufacturers.

Premium componentry & Quality Control testing

We source the best available materials to manufacture our spas. We know that quality counts – from durable pumps, premium acrylic, high density insulation and superior jets. Each spa is handcrafted and put through vigorous water testing before it leaves the factory meaning that any faults are picked up and you’re delivered the best quality product.

Cedar cabinets

20mm cedar is a standard feature and amazing for spa insulation. Twice as thick as the Duratek cabinets and although maintenance is required, you can just touch up certain areas showing wear as opposed to staining the entire cabinet each time.

Custom built

Every spa we manufacture can be custom built to suit the customer in a quick timeframe. Customers can choose their colours, cabinets, extra lights/jets etc. We can remove the neck & shoulder insert if the customer is too tall.

Eco friendly company

We strive to ensure that all of our spas are as energy efficient as possible, and that goes for the production process too. With 306 solar panels installed on the roof (that’s a total capacity of 120 kilowatts) we’re saving an estimated 190 tonnes of Co2 emissions per year. We’re committed to sustainable energy.

Chrome trim & badges

As a finishing touch, all our spas are detailed with a chrome trim and the mySpaChoice range also has a chrome badge.


myOasis Standard + $11,995.00 myFavourite Standard 30 $11,995.00 myFavourite Standard+ 34 $12,495.00 myEscape Standard+ 46 $12,995.00 myFavourite Classic 43 $12,995.00 myPartner Classic 40 $13,495.00 myFamily Classic 45 $13,995.00 myDream Standard+ 48 $14,495.00 myObsession Classic 50 $14,495.00 myTemptation Classic50 $14,995.00 myChillout Standard+ 48 $14,995.00 myHome Classic 48 $14,995.00 myDelight Classic+ 44 $14,995.00 myPartner Premium 52 $15,495.00 myHotTub Standard+ 48 $15,995.00 myLuxury Standard+ 58 $15,995.00 myCelebration Classic 43 $15,995.00 myRecovery Classic 43 $15,995.00 myFriends Classic 43 $15,995.00 myTemptation Premium65 $16,995.00 myFamily Premium 62 $16,995.00 myObsession Premium 64 $16,995.00 myRelaxation Classic 50 $16,995.00 myHome Premium 57 $17,495.00 myFriends Premium 61 $18,495.00 myExtravagance Classic 52 $18,995.00 myCelebration Premium 65 $18,995.00 myRecovery Premium 64 $18,995.00 myParadise Classic 55 $19,495.00 myParty Classic 51 $19,495.00 myRetreat Classic 58 $19,995.00 myRelaxation Premium 75 $19,995.00 myExtravagance Premium 75 $22,995.00 myParadise Premium 74 $23,495.00 myParty Premium 71 $23,495.00 myRetreat Premium 78 $23,995.00 myWatersedge Plunge with seating for 8 People $24,990.00 myTeam Classic 73 $25,995.00 myWorkout Plunge with seating for 6 People $27,995.00 mySwimgym Premium 55 with seating for 3 People $29,995.00 myIndulge Classic with seating for 4 People $36,995.00 myDualzone Classic 48 or Premium 68 with seating for 9 people $75,995.00