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myDualzone Classic 48 or Premium 68 with seating for 9 people

myDualzone Classic 48 or Premium 68 with seating for 9 people

The myDualzone6.0m allows for maximum versatility for those with a large family and varied needs or if you simply want the benefits of both a swim spa and a spa pool.

The myDualzone features separate, independently controlled massage therapy and swim zones. Keep your spa warm and ready for relaxing hydrotherapy at a moment’s notice while keeping the pool cooler workouts or recovery. The spa pool zone offers two luxurious recliners with shoulder massagers and jets from upper back to feet, and the different length recliners ensure that there’s a seat to suit anyone. Meanwhile, the three upright seats offer a generous footwell and an assortment of jet layouts for maximum muscle recovery.

With all the benefits of both spas in one, the myDualzone is the spa to suit the whole family. Much more than a backyard swimming pool... now you can set the 2 zones to different temperatures

Hydrotherapy spa with seating for 5 people PLUS an open splash pool or training zone with swim jet resistance

The myDuelZone is available in the following options and can be priced individually upon request. All options includes a Heatpump as specified

CLASSIC 4 swim jets / 1 spa & 2 swim boost pumps / 48 SQR jets / 15amp spa + 32amp swim
swim supported by high performance jet stream : fast & economic 8.8kw heat & cool pump

PREMIUM 4 swim jets / 2 spa & 3 swim boost pumps / 68 SQR jets / 32amp spa + 32amp swim
swim supported by strong jet stream : low run cost 8.8kw heat & cool pump

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Seats: 9
Cover colours
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Inner colours
Silverwhite Silverwhite
Midnight Midnight
Dimensions: 6000 x 2290 x 1390mm

Capacity: 9000 litres
Dry weight 1400kg
Wet Weight 11,125kgWalkthrough Video

Upgrade from XL-80 Ozone to UV ClearZone Water Sanitisation - $645.00

The ultimate in spa sanitation. Clearzone features AOP (Advance Oxidation Process) technology to help deliver incredibly crystal clear spa water with minimal chemical odours or associated eye, skin and respiratory irritation. Clearzone helps clarify your spa water by generating a powerful oxidiser that burns up dissolved solids in the water so the filter can catch them, it then quickly converts back to oxygen leaving no chemical residual or off gassing odours. This is further enhanced by Ozone AND UV-C sterilisation to kill 99.95% of all bacteria and virus material that pass through the clearzone Unit. Clearzone also breaks down and removes chloramines which are the by product of chlorine which causes the skin, eye and respiratory irritation typically associated with chlorine. This process makes the task of managing the quality of your spa water much easier. It leaves you with much clearer water, significantly reduced need for chemical sanitisers, and greatly reduced chemical odours. Clearzone also significantly increases the length of time between the need to change the spa water. Note: ClearZone does not eliminate the need for responsible water maintenance – some basic water care is still required.

smartTouch Digital Touch Screen - $530.00

Large 4.3” touch pad screen with intuitive menus. Optimised for use outdoors, the anti-glare and anti-reflective screen is easy to use with wet or dry hands. With software tailored for use with your Sapphire Spas, intuitive menus let you take control of every function with ease

WiFi App-Based Remote Control - $730.00

The mySpaLINK App allows you to connect to and take control of your spa, locally or remotely via a WiFi, 3G or 4G network. Via your smart device, control every possible spa configuration and all spa accessories including pumps, air blowers and LED spa lighting effects. Adjust the spa temperature, programme filtration, as well as sleep and power save timers.

Cedar Steps - Premium 850mm wide - $695.00

Cedar Steps - Budget 850mm wide - $395.00

Durastep II (Plastic) - $345.00

Compliments the Duratek cabinet spas Available in Espresso & Coastal Grey

10 years on fibreglass structural support
5 years on acrylic surface
5 years on Envirogum cabinet
3 years on Duratek cabinet
3 years on swim spa frames
3 years on jets
3 year no leak guarantee
3 years on equipment
2 years on headrests
2 years on hardcover

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